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Re: Quantum slipstream drive questions

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(2) Did the Federation make advances in slipstream drive BEFORE Voyager communicated with them from the Delta Quadrant? If Voyager didn't return until, what, 2377, and then they had to figure out how to safely and effectively work quantum slipstream drive the first place, build or adapt a few testbed ships, and then move to a time-consuming prototype Vesta as well as have a handful of production Vestas and other slipstream-equipped ships up and running, that's only a few years between Voyager's return and the events of "Full Circle", which suggests that the Federation has been working on quantum slipstream drive well in advance of Voyager's first communication with Starfleet after the Arturis incident.
I don't think this appeared in any novel, so it can be contradicted at any time, but according to this Memory Beta article, Vesta-class designer Mark Rademaker indicated the USS Spirit entered service in Novmeber 2378 "as a test-bed for quantum slipstream technology brought back from the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager".

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(4) Does each ship in the Full Circle fleet generate its own slipstream, or are only Voyager and the three Vestas equipped with slipstream drive and serve as "icebreakers", if you will, for the other fleet ships trailing close behind?
I believe they were all refitted with QSD and so could each generate their own slipstream... but I'm just going from memory here, so I could be wrong.

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(5) Quantum slipstream appears to work most effectively when the ship using it is more slender in profile. Does this mean that the wide Galaxy- and Nebula-classes are not able to slipstream at all, or does it just require greater power to allow them to slipstream?
I thought I had read somewhere that Galaxies and Nebulas couldn't be fitted with QSD due to this very issue, but I don't recall where I read this.

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(6) Has it been determined how large the other two ship classes in the Full Circle fleet are? I was of the understanding that one of them is mid-sized (compared to the small Meerians and large Vestas) and another one is hella-big compared to the Vestas. But I didn't know if more specific information regarding those two ships were given later in the series. And, if size determines slipstream efficiency, is the bigger ship just a large cylinder?
There are actually three other classes in the fleet. According to Memory Beta, Achilles is Mulciber-class, Demeter is Theophrastus-class, and Galen is Galen-class. IIRC, the "hella-big" one must be Achilles. According to the most recent concept art I have seen, Demeter is 220m long.

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(7) Are there illustrations or schematics online of the two aforementioned ships, or of the modified Voyager?
Mark Rademaker is designing the fleet. You can see any images he has released at his site. For example, here's the Demeter concept I referenced above.
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