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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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Losira (Lee Meriwether) meets Gary Seven (Robert Lansing) in 12 O'CLOCK HIGH, while Dr. Swain from THE TIME TUNNEL looks on:

Dr. Swain was the Martian--or was it Venusian?--from the TZ episode, will the Real Martian Please Stand Up. Guess he was always covering up that extra eye. And the fact that I know that title off the top of my head...shows what a geek I am.
Dr. Swain from Time Tunnel is in the background wearing the general's uniform. Barney Phillips (here wearing the white coat and head mirror) was Haley the bartender from Venus, while John Hoyt (WNMHGB's Dr. Boyce) played the Martian of the episode.
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