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star trek into darkness villian section 31

With all the talk of who the villian is I am surprised most people havnt thought maybe john harrison is a operative of section 31. Heres some of the reasons I think it is section 31. first of all in the last page of the newest recently released cowntown into darkness comic book apirl uses a code to give him control of the enterprise and the code is EMERGENCY PROTOLCOL 31. Also in the comic pike tells kirk to just forget about everything that happend and it is revealed that harrison has access to top starfleet access codes. Also in the international trailer Marcus says it was done by one of are top agents. Lastly wasnt there a section 31 operative by the name of harris who was in a episode of enterprise? I may be thinking to much into this but one thing is for sure harrison is a member of starfleet which is part of section 31.
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