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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

Geez, I interviewed the director and an awful lot of the tech guys, but nobody mentioned the moon being blown up!

That kinda makes me think less of this effort. Kosinski seems very interested in making adult SF, but without the moon, you'd probably have more social upheaval than after an alien invasion. What the hell would happen with menstrual cycles, the loss of tidal action and the inability of werewolves and mad Englishman to act out every 28 days?

Seriously, the moon is not something you just throw away (like they did in that TIME MACHINE remake, or at least that is how it seemed from the bits of it I've watched) without considering consequences.

Looking at all the other moons in our system, our moon is WAY too big relative to Earth. That alone makes Earth extremely odd, and I am always surprised when astronomers talk about finding more earth type planets in other systems that they aren't talking about the fact that without the huge tidal effects of our very unusual moon, maybe you don't get any of the magic that results in life arising.

Having said that, I'll also note that Kosinski really seems serious about delivering THE BLACK HOLE as a movie respectful of science and intelligent speculation, one that deals with the realities of time travel and time dilation. My speculation was that maybe he intends to take that position Ridley Scott once said he was aiming for, to become the John Ford of sf films.
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