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What should be the next musical adapted for the movies?

Now that Les Miserables has come and gone and is living happily on DVDs & BluRays what should the next adaptation be?

Sunset Boulevard?
The Book of Mormon?
or anyother old or new stage musical

I would like to see Sunset Boulevard on the big screen. The musical is great; but its sets too lavish and it's just too expensive a production that even though it had great ticket sales it never made money. A movie should be able to hold the cost down and give a great return...depending on who and how much they have to pay the actress to play Norma would be.

Personally I'd like to see Barbara or Glenn Close or even Cher play the part. They are all older singers who can still belt out a song and act.

Wicked, The Book of Mormon and Spamalot are equally deserving.

Which musical do you think should be a movie?
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