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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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Two lines of thought on this:

1. After Berman took over the ST franchise, it was not uncommon for people--whether writers or Berman himself--to say less than favorable things about TOS or GR.
I'd say you need to qualify that. If you're saying something bad about TOS, you may be saying something negative about GR indirectly, but Berman always made a distinction between addressing what he perceived as failings or disappointments on TOS -- he seems to have a memory of too many gods in togas, from what I recall -- and the way he always talked up GR's much touted vision in a positive way.

Berman was always too much Paramount's guy (regardless of how he paints himself as a creative) to speak his mind in a way that could be perceived as hurtful to the franchise. Knocking TOS for being less than he could appreciate (largely on the basis of art direction and budget, fer chrissake!) was probably an okay way to distance his ModernTrek from TOS, and since they were abandoning the still somewhat viable TOS cast in favor of TNG movies, those kinds of statements wouldn't have found disfavor with Paramount either, as it seems to support what they would have considered 'the winner' or frontrunner in the Trekverse.
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