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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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What are you referring to? Was this some specific incident?
I was responding to something Trevanian(sp?) made issue of in the post preceeding mine wherein, taking at face value what he said in terms of DC Fontana having a prolonged falling out with Harlan Ellison over re-writes done to his "City on the Edge" teleplay. I was responding in principle.
I guess I wasn't too clear. There was no falling-out between Ellison and Fontana to my knowledge, certainly not over CITY. That's because until the 90s, HE didn't know Fontana had rewritten the script.

to quote from TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING (recently released on blu-ray, don't fault me for plugging it, damn few people even know the movie exists and I think only one other person on the planet likes it as much as me), I assume at that point it was all "blood over the dam," that there was no ill-will at that point.

My issue is that friendship over time should not be predicated on a falsehood that revolves around one person screwing with the work of another and not owning up to it. Let me emphasize this, it is the not owning up to it, and even publicly in print denying her involvement, that I find troubling. Certainly it was her job to fix what the producers felt she needed fixing, there's no debate there.
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