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Re: Star Trek Online Team Adventures game

What a discouraging message…
First of all, to avoid misunderstandings, no irony or bitterness in my answer. Only intended to make constructive debate.

Your opinion is harsh, but not rude, and also is properly expressed in English, that indeed is not my native language.

I'm also demanding in this matter with the people I have worked with, but I am more tolerant with the people who speak English or other languages​​.
I can say that we'll have native supervision in the different languages ​​in which the game will be translated.
Many adventure games are published only in English and this prevents them from being played by people of other languages.
Is also intended to implement a work method that facilitates the authoring of scripts to people outside our team, and with different languages​​.

As unfortunately the Star Trek universal translator is not yet invented, we have to deal with these issues.

In addition to this one, there are several other topics in your post, which, for readability, I will highlight with a title:

As I mentioned above, and I summarize here, I preferred (I was the one responsible) to use a descriptive name for the project. Other candidates were 'Star Trek Online Cooperative Adventures', abbreviated as STCOOL, or 'Star Trek Multiplayer Online Adventures' (STMOLA).

The word 'online' appears in almost all cases… because it is an online game. Maybe we have to regret that the name of the official Star Trek MMO would not have been a more original little, but maybe they thought the same: In describing the game with his name.

As also mentioned above, we consider it a job name, convenient but not very creative, and do not rule out to changing it later.

This is a production made ​​by fans for fans.
As you know, there are many productions made ​​in this scheme, to some extent tolerated by the owners of the license. Without going any further, 'Star Trek Phase II', and many (many) series and games and texts… many of which are likewise subject to crowfunding campaigns, just like ours, and they are intended to cover, at least in part, production costs.

In addition, as some of those other productions, we will intend (illusion to some extent) to attempt to obtain a formal license.
To submit a project on the paper at this levels is an impossible task, and we may have more chances of success once we be able to present a working product.

Honestly, I also don't think we'll get the total budgeted for the campaign. With that amount would have completely covered the costs, hiring additional staff and within a professional time limit of 8-10 months.

All that remains below that amount will need to be invested in the form of volunteer work, which is what we are doing now, and also will make longer the production period.

Gift game
In other crowfunding campaigns they offer a video. I thought that would be most valuable to gift a game that had some value in itself, and shows some skills.

But I think you give too much value to it.
Seriously, it took more work to make the campaign that this little game.

What you say makes sense, but if you look at it slowly, I think there are significant imbalance between the effort invested in this little game and in the campaign, the chances of getting such a large sum of money for something so small.
I think (please do not take away that illusion) that the text distills enthusiasm for the project.
Personally, I think that when something is a scam, and it is as thick as you say, is more evident.

However, if you have that impression, perhaps the only way to refute is with the passing of time and by watching the progress of the work.

It is somewhat the nature of crowfunding, and indeed is some risk to the investor, and a challenge to the promoter to generate confidence and enthusiasm on the project.

I not sorry that you do not want to contribute with money (might have been more valuable your contribution with this critical opinion) but having aroused suspicion.
I assure you that we will consider these views so that our work is only generating enjoyment for those who are involved and interested.

Best regards to you, and forgive all this post so long.

I'll appreciate any suggestions regarding the correction of texts, preferably in private message, in order to not change the subject, and, above all, for embarrassment…
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