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The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

Obviously going to be spoilers in here so read with caution.

So after being intrigued by the previews, we went and saw this last night and it was PRETTY GOOD!

Harkened back more to seventies SF with the idea of "one man alone in post apocalyptic world" and so on. I actually liked that stark, minimalist quality to it. I had a feeling the "Scavs" would not be what you thought they were but the main twist was VERY good and came just as I started thinking "Well, if the Scavs are humans, WHY would THEY have blown up the moon?" Good writing there!

Overall I really enjoyed it(and don't listen to the Cruise naysayers - if his name could get the money for this to be made, then GOOD!)and am loving this resurgence of intelligent SF and not just having blockbusters just be about superheroes in capes and tights.

I hope "Oblivion" adds to the trend started by "Inception" and "Looper" and enables more intelligent SF to be greenlit, so we can see more. It will be VERY interesting to see how it fares at the US box office this weekend!
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