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Re: Glee - Season Four

Just curious what did everyone think of Last night's episode of Glee. I've been thinking about the episode quite a bit today, and there's really only one thing that I kept coming back to:

Is there a right time and place to do an episode like this? I mean yes it's based in a High School and school shootings are the topic de jour at the moment, but Glee had just come back from a 3 week hiatus and this was an episode we came back to. I hadn't kept up with Glee promos in those three weeks, so I was racking my brain trying to come up with what the last episode was about. I think it was the guilty pleasures episode but the story is still fuzzy. I just felt for them to bring Glee back with a story that's "ripped from the headlines" instead of continuing the stories that we had (Again, I'm trying to remember those stories) before the break seemed really really surprising to me.

Also, the more I think about this episode the more I find it insulting and exploitive, and one of the reasons for that is they made Becky the one who had the gun. Way to, once again, spit all over the mentally disabled. I almost get this sense that the Mentally disabled have become the new scapegoats like the Muslims became after 9/11. To exploit that in this episode and to extend that thought felt disingenuous and unfortunate.

I did think the scene in the choir room was one of the most gripping scenes in the series though. They really portrayed the subject of losing innocence and that "safety net" really well and the episode would have been a lot better had they continued that part of the story. Instead we are left thinking if Jane Lynch is really leaving the series, and that is, again, unfortunate.
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