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Re: Best pure humor episodes

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I like message in a bottle (VOY) a lot as a humorous ep.

Even though it may disqualify because it is 'an exciting adventure', and, even worse, relevant to the entire VOY arc (as it furthers the entire series 'plot' ).
I'd say "Message in a Bottle" counts. There are more than enough laugh-out-loud moments to qualify it as a humorous episode. Apparently, Robert Picardo was trying to cram as many jokes into it as he could. The part where the Doc tells the Mark II to stop breathing down his neck, and the Mark II says his breathing is a simulation, and the Doc says, "So is my neck, stop it anyway!" was written by Picardo.

So many great moments in that episode. Seven remote-tasing a Hirogen, the Mark II trying to crawl into a Jefferies tube backward... I think I'm going to have to watch it again.

"Our Man Bashir" is probably my favorite humorous episode, though. Kira's fake Russian accent and the hilarious bickering between Bashir and Garak never fail to crack me up.
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