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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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The Baku were made aware of what was going on during the developments in the film. I didn't see any of them saying, "Oh...well, if it will help millions of people, sure I'll move."
This. And before the film even started the exiled the Son'a to basic death sentences simply because they chose a different way of life. The Son'a were no bargain either don't get me wrong there, but the two were definitely cut from the same cloth.
That's because they were being kicked out of their homes.

I don't offer to help thieves steal my home, regardless of good intentions.

I guess you've never owned a home, as you don't seem to appreciate what that means.

If someone wanted to kick me out of my home, because it would help hondres, thousands or millions of people, it is still, in absolute FACT, THEFT.

Until you can prove otherwise, the Baku have the poral hight ground.

If the Federation and the Sona approached them and asked if they were willing to help, they might well have helped the Federation study and replicate the rings capabilities.

But I guess property theft and tresspassing are okay for a theoretical greater good.
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