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Re: Picard's speeches

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My favourite is in his hearing in The Drumhead.

One of the few places NuBSG exceeds TNG is the comparison of the hearing of Picard and the hearing of Adama. After a relatively short period of time, Adama said "enough of this" and started to leave the room. When the proscuter told him to stop, he had her thrown into the brig.

It was never made clear over the next few years if Adama ever let her out.

having Picard act more like a tyrant would have improved TNG? No thanks. Adama could be a despot, and I didn't like the character all that much. Also, Satie outranked Picard, he couldn't have thrown her in the brig.
To be fair, every single person in the fleet who didn't have a major recurring role acted like a dangerous undeservedly stubborn and entitled lunatic all the time.

If Starfleet personnel acted like that, Picard would have had to act like a despot to keep Earth from exploding.
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