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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I'm still having a hard time getting past the likelihood that "Tuvix" is just delusional transporter psychosis ranting when he declares himself a seperate being with rights.

I guess the only way to solve that would be to determine if Neelix and Tuvok are indeed dead, have their own souls and are in the afterlife.
Well that's the same dehumanization that's been used for years to cover up murder. Like concentration camps would "take care of the job" instead of "execute the Jews" and Japanese guards would "use up the prisoners" instead of brutally working them to death.

It's pyschologicaly valid that people will dehumanize a person in their mind to cope with killing them. Calling Tuvix a transporter accident or a person with transporter psychosis is just another example of that
*More* Godwin, eh?

You all do realize you are presenting valid arguments (I've said as much) that don't require false equivalencies.

Dale as Captain: "Christ, someone get me a Vulcan priest and Chakotay to advise me on what to do here."

As for the question of whether SF has the right to 'cure' Tuvix after 50's a tough question. If Neelix and Tuvok were stuck in a transporter buffer and sending Tuvix through would be the only way to retrieve them do you?

What if another Vulcan determined that Tuvix was lying and that Tuvok and Neelix are conscious and aware in Tuvix (Ala Being John Malkovitch) but Tuvix is suppressing them? Does Tuvix still have the right to live at their expense?

I'm jus askin and discussing.
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