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Re: Science Fiction Liquor

I'm not sure butterbeer would qualify even if we could count HP, since I don't think it's alcoholic. Considering the ages of the characters, I sure hope not!

Back in the 1980s the comic book series The Alien Legion featured a recreational drink called grogh. The nature of this substance is unclear, but apparently it was an intoxicant for all known species-- quite a feat, considering how many diverse alien races (and biologies) were featured! The second volume of this series, with mostly different creators, changed the name to "groph" with no explanation. Possibly a typo.

The Dragonriders of Pern makes frequent references to wine, particularly "Benden red". I know wine isn't exactly up there with spice beer and ambrosia, but it's thousands of years in the future and on another planet, so technically this is going to be wine that none of us are familiar with. Plus, well, it gets mentioned a lot.
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