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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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I do not believe, based on past accounts given, that Ellison was threatened by GR's "influence" or "reach" within the industry. Why would he flip him off at the WGA awards if he feared the wrath of Roddenberry? That makes no sense to me.

Now, if he said he feared Herb Solow then I'd buy it.

If he had said GR was livid and threatened to pound him into the dirt I'd believe it.
If GR had physically threatened him, GR would have gone down. With teeth in his throat. That is the kind of challenge he couldn't possibly have let stand.

As for the flipping off thing, hey, it was the last laugh. The show was done, badmouthing HE after he won for his version of the script would have made GR look a fool twice over.

Just for the record, I really like CITY as aired. I think that's due to Coon in part - I have a tendency to credit him with everything I like about TOS, which I admit is a bit overboard, but w/o Coon, I don't think you even get season 2, let alone syndication or movies or internet boards.

But I really don't think the omission of HE's Trooper was in any way merited by the demands of making it a Trek story. The other changes, to one degree or other, yeah. But not that.

And to back up and go over the Fontana thing again ... if somebody is your friend, and your friend for some period of time -- and I'm not saying acquaintaince, I mean 'friend' in the sense of someone who has put it on the line for you, or done you solids without thought of return on that -- you don't lie to them about messing with their work, and certainly not for decades. If you've read Ellison and Gerrold, you'll see that they had ups and downs, same for Koenig and Ellison, and probably everybody and Ellison. But if the friendship is real, and they are ethical parties, the relationship holds. Why Fontana seems to have wilted on this point is just really troubling to me. I remember feeling bad for badmouthing her Trek novel, because I admired her in many ways, but this one thing has kind of cast a lot of doubts about her in all directions.
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