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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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I thought "Herstory of Dance" was pretty good. On par with some of the lesser episodes from previous seasons. What struck me though, is with this one and last one, they are making Pierce likable. Last week, Jeff actually felt bad for how he treated Pierce and this week, Pierce came to the rescue.
I have been catching up on a few episodes and watched this one last night. I liked "Herstory" too. The Dean's "Donna Reed" in "black and white" make up had me in stitches. I love watching Britta screw up. This was a good episode.

Can someone tell me how Chang is being used so differently this season as opposed to prior seasons? He was always the annoying little prick who popped up at inopportune moments and it looks like they are building to a pretty significant conclusion to the "changnesia" storyline.

But one of the problems with the show this season is that when I watch, always in the back of my mind I'm thinking, 'but this is not a Dan Harmon episode'. It is like knowing a real negative spoiler about EVERY episode. Frankly, I wish I could un-know what I know. In fact, I think we all would enjoy the show much better this season if we didn't know Harmon wasn't there. .
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