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Re: 7 Of 9's Costume?

[/QUOTE] In the season 4, episode titled "One"... (right after the 34 minute mark)[/QUOTE]

I had a look for that pesky toe I looked at S04E25 34 mins into the episode ...Seven is halucinating, the crew is in cryo sleep, and the Doctor enters Engineering and snaps her out of her halucination... she turns and heads toward the Estation in front of the core. Now.... for about a 10th of a second you can see a faint...faint.... toe. I had to go 8x enlarge and 1/4 speed on my 53" HD tv to see anything at all but DAMN IT IT WAS THERE!! oh boy I need to get out more....
you could put a burlap sack on Jerri Ryan and she would still stop a clock! I did like the way they had her done up as the WW2 singer/underground fighter in the ep that those dudes (their races name eludes me at this point) took over the ship to use the holodeck for deathsport.
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