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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

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That was a gutsy move by Malcolm, too bad it didn't work out. He writes the dude's name down and then convinces him to give him his idol! Freaking brilliant.

I can't believe he thought it would be a good idea to go and try and flip Dawn and Sherri when it should have been obvious that it was Dawn who spilled the beans on Corinne's plan (unless Corinne didn't tell Malcolm about that conversation), and that Sherri hates Reynold and would never side with him.

So now Malcolm has the only idol in the game, and nobody else knows about it. He's still in a tough position, though. If he can win the next individual immunity he might be in a good position after that.
Convincing Reynold to give him the idol was brilliant, but I gotta question some of Malcolm's other moves. Unless Malcolm has been using the former fan tribe guys in some convoluted covert operation all along, he's gotta be on the outs.

Like you said, why try to flip Dawn when it should have been obvious she ratted out Corrine the last time? And why does he keep thinking he has Erik in his back pocket? Erik hasn't voted the way Malcolm told him to yet. I don't even know if Erik even knows he's in an alliance with Malcolm. The guy doesn't appear to be all that bright.

I'd like to see either Dawn or Philip get the boot soon. Philip's "Stealth Alliance" gig is getting old, as is Dawn's whining.
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