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Re: Archer's decision to strand civilians in Delphic Expanse

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When the Enterprise was in the Delphic Expanse, Archer encountered a civilian ship and stripped them of a critical engine part, leaving them unable to travel to their home world, in order to fix the Enterprise and continue on their mission.In the Delphic Expanse, this was acknowledged as a death warrant to the civilians.

Did Archer make the right decision? Does the fact that his mission (with low chance of success) succeeded play into this?

Ummmm No, Archer did NOT give them a death warrant. If you watch the episode the Enterprise crew needed the warp core of that ship and in return Archer supplied them with enough food and supplies to make the 3 year journey back to their home. Of course he made the only decision he could since in order to save humanity he had to make the meeting with Degra in 3 days. There was no other way for them to make it in time with the damaged ship. I think the struggle that Archer had to make is gut-wrenching and it was very well portrayed in the episode by making you feel his pain. Also, it shows the change in his character from what we saw at the beginning of the series when he was an explorer. He had become almost like the pirates that they had encountered when they entered the expanse. The only difference being that Archer DID leave them provisions to get back to their home thus retaining at least part of his humanity.
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