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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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That point is also reinforced by Bane's comments at the stock market and Crane's dialogue when sentencing Stryver.
That's just Bane toying with the city. The whole "Have or have's" not thing Bane was going for was just a ruse to create chaos. Whatever deep, sociopolitical angle the film was going for(if there was any) was ultimately abandoned or thrown out of the window halfway through the film. Bane's singular intention was to obey Talia and aid her in a crazy and possible suicide plan. He doesn't give three shits about the poor or rich or else he wouldn't be trying blow them all up indiscriminately. And uh.... Crane? Need I remind you he is a criminal who is going with the flow. Don't confuse that meager cameo as being an elaboration of some deep theme. It was just fan-service. Nothing more, nothing less. Even if you could pick the miniscule instances in which the film does give notice to something that bears resemblance to that theme, it wouldn't matter in the end because the screenwriters don't really make much an effort to fully realize those messages in the end.

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