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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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Dr.H wrote:
If there was such thing as Bane seeing the power structure of Gotham as corrupt then that fact should have been properly realized on screen; actually show/portray the corruption within the power structure. Give credence to the character's motives. Begins managed to that for Ra's
Not really. What was the intended outcome of Ra's's plan? A city without crime? I think not. Ra's wanted to destroy Gotham. His motives were ultimately no more noble than Talia's. And you can call Daggett a caricature, but the fact remains that he's real in-universe. IMO he serves as a parallel to what Ra's said in BB about how the League's ability to infiltrate Gotham's infrastructure proved the existence of the corruption they were talking about.

Y'know when I really think about Ra's motives didn't really add up for for me either, he fucks over Gotham's economics which leads it to the sorry state it was. Eh....I guess one could say it was corrupt before. I need to re watch Begins again.

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