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Re: Enterprise-C Stories

I always wish for more Ent-C stories (or for that matter, ENT-B stories too). I think that is a great Era to cover (and yep the Lost Era stories (Serpents, Art of Impossible, & Well of Souls) I really liked.

Guess that there are a lot of characters who many only have a line or two in the films/show, but can really be fleshed out in the book.

I suppose its in the execution I suppose, since I'm really Titan fan (it still irks me that IDIC is thrusted down my throat instead of it being natural in the book), but I a big time Vanguard fan, yeah, both of the those series have different themes, I just like how Vanguard characters were fleshed out more (or written) than the Titan crew.

I'd like Ent-C stories written in the same vein as the way Vanguard was.
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