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Re: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87

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And turning your own example about abortion on its head, if Labour had a decent majority they could just enact the legislation themselves anyway?

So I refute right back at ya
I never claimed otherwise. Yes, if Ireland had a majority Labour government then they'd be able to push through whatever reforms they want, but if you knew anything about Irish politics you'd know that there has never been any chance of a Labour majority government here, even if we used FPTP.

My intent was never to claim that single-party governments can't get shit done, because that would be an absurd claim. My intent was to point out that multi-party governments are perfectly capable of bringing about change, even on contentious matters. The idea that you need FPTP in the UK to avoid political paralysis is a lie spread by the Conservatives and many in Labour so that they can maintain their stranglehold over the functions of government.
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