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And what did Picard get for his bad decision...a bunch of rogue borg that still murdered colonists because they fell in with Lore.
It's nonsense to blame Picard for Lore's actions. If you save someone from getting hit by a car, and that person you saved later gets talked into joining a militant cult by its fanatical leader and used as a suicide bomber, you're not the one responsible for the deaths, because you couldn't have predicted the consequences of your act of kindness. I mean, you might just as well blame all the people who grew the food and made the medicines that kept the cult leader and the eventual bomber alive long enough to reach that point. It's nonsense. The only person responsible for Lore's crimes is Lore. He's the one who knew what he was doing and who made a deliberate choice to inflict harm.

They also had the collective to deal with. If you are going to fight a war, you fight to win you don't drag it out.
As I already said, whatever failsafes insulated the rest of the Collective from Hugh's individuality would've presumably also insulated it from the more destructive program. So it's erroneous to claim that using the destructive program would've successfully wiped out the Borg. It would've just killed the drones aboard Hugh's cube, or whatever linked cohort of cubes Hugh ultimately managed to infect, and made no more difference to the Collective as a whole than Hugh's individuality did. It wouldn't have accomplished more; it would've just dealt more death for no real gain.
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