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Re: Enterprise-C Stories

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C's temporary captain, Richard Castillo, was also found ruminating in one of the Strange New Worlds (SNW 3, I believe) anthologies about the Narendra 3 battle.
I didn't count that because the ship itself didn't appear.

Question:are the SNWs considered to be part of the greater continuity that the authors can take cues from (similar to how you guys and gals tend to work together to more consistently carry over elements from books written by different authors *), though the aforementioned SNW story appears to disregard established canon regarding that battle?
As with most things in TrekLit, there's no overarching rule about the continuity. The various SNW stories were certainly not in continuity with each other; there were a couple of contradictory Borg origins, several contradictory sequels to "City on the Edge of Forever" and "A Piece of the Action," two different versions of Nog's Kobayashi Maru test (never mind that the KM is for command-track seniors so Nog should never have taken it at all), etc. And a number of the stories contradicted previous novels, though a few did draw on the novel continuity.

However, a few individual SNW stories have been memorable enough that novelists have chosen to reference them. One of Greg Cox's Gary Seven novels referenced Dayton Ward's Gary/Roberta story in SNW III. I drew on Bill Leisner's DTI story from SNW II in my DTI novels. The name for Sarek's mother established in an SNW story was referenced in one of the post-finale ENT novels. The Scotty-focus SCE novella "The Future Begins" references a couple of SNW stories about Scotty.
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