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Re: What ould you do for Matt Smith's last episode/s?

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I'd be tempted to make it small scale, more Androzani less The End of Time and ooh aren't I brilliant!

No giant Dalek invasions, no farewell tour, no saving the Universe. I'd have 11 sacrifice himself to save a single child, I think that'd sum up Smith's tenure rather well.
See, that feels like 10 sacrificing himself to save Wilf.
No because the Doctor sacrificed himself to save Wilf after saving the Universe/Multiverse/All of time itself...having to save Wilf was a direct result of saving all of reality, or something. Compare that with Androzani where the Doctor's entire motivation throughout the story is just saving Peri.
I hear you. BUT, 10 could've walked away, Wilf wanted him to walk away. Ultimately, because of who he is, he sacrificed himself to save a single person. That was the point of that moment.

Yes, there was lots and lots of noise before that moment. But, saving Wilf was a quiet moment. Which is what I see in your idea.
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