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Re: Enterprise-C Stories

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Looks like the Enterprise-C is a bit underrepresented in Trek lore.
So is the E-B. Let's see, the B is in Generations, The Captain's Daughter, Engines of Destiny, "Shakedown," Serpents Among the Ruins, "Iron and Sacrifice," and IDW's Spock: Reflections and Captain's Log miniseries. The C is in "Yesterday's Enterprise," "Hour of Fire," Well of Souls, and Vulcan's Heart, and a log entry from an E-C officer is one of the interludes in A Singular Destiny (between chapters 13 & 14).

Okay, I guess the C has been featured less than the B.
C's temporary captain, Richard Castillo, was also found ruminating in one of the Strange New Worlds (SNW 3, I believe) anthologies about the Narendra 3 battle.

Question:are the SNWs considered to be part of the greater continuity that the authors can take cues from (similar to how you guys and gals tend to work together to more consistently carry over elements from books written by different authors *), though the aforementioned SNW story appears to disregard established canon regarding that battle?

* I'm thinking about how you and David Mack cooperated in describing the workings of the transphasic torpedo in GTTS and Destiny to make it consistent for readers of both
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