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Re: Enterprise-C Stories

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"Hour of Fire" in Star Trek: Enterprise Logs, and Vulcan's Heart.

Not literary Trek but good storytelling anway: The Enterprise-C is part of a mission in Star Trek Online. Therein the player encounters she ship in the war timeline again, for the ship ended up there after the events of Yesterday's Enterprise instead of returning to the Romulan battle. Denise Crosby reprises her role as Tasha Yar (alternate) with voiceover.
I'm not very familiar with the ST:Online timeline, but if the Ent-C ended up in in the Online's future-war instead of returning to the 2344 Narendra 3 battle, how did the Federation escape that ongoing war of attrition with the Klingons?

All things being equal, the C showing up in ST:Online's time would be completely outclassed, as it would be generations behind in technology, shields, and weaponry. Not sure what that would accomplish. Not a dig against the people involved with ST:Online, mind you, but an observation relating Ambassador-class capabilities to those of the Online ships.
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