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Re: Star Trek Online Team Adventures game

Not to be rude, but is English your primary language? Your posts read like they've been translated; generally there, but not quite right. Detracts from the professionalism somewhat.

Also, if you're insisting on staying with "Star Trek Online" Team Adventures, you're never going to get off the ground. As there's an officially licensed game with the STO name, you'll never get big enough to be worth playing without being shutdown and/or sued into oblivion if you insist on keeping it like that. And that's just the "STO" part, and makes no assumptions about whether you're allowed to use the "star trek" part, which I sincerely doubt. Attempting to make money by trading off of licensed, copyrighted material is a pretty obvious no-go.

Good luck with the $50k, but I'm going to pass. Based on the obvious legal issues, looks like you're just trying to sell the shuttle mini-game and see if you can get $50k for it. The end product can't ever be a real thing, so you're just selling the 'teaser' item.
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