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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

I have caught up now (skipped the Willow series still, I'll wait for the TPB) and missed Angel #19, but just got #20 of both Angel and Buffy.

Mmm, the flashback to the S8 finale as you say was good, but the issue seemed to end before I noticed it had even started somewhat. Plus Scott Allie kept going on about in the letters every issue for aaaages about how we'd eventually learn what was up with Xander... I dunno, I guess I was just expecting more than "he's pissed off."

I don't know what happened in the Willow series, but I see the Scythe is back together and now red, so it fits in continuity with the scythe from the Fray series (also red, unlike the TV show one which wasn't all red)
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