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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

They kinda ARE the core, though. The entire show is built on the blackout, and they're the cause. What's left of the show if you don't have a blackout? the "core" of Star Trek is people exploring the galaxy, and ships/transporters are just tools to do so. Core of Revolution has been repeatedly stated by the characters as trying to get the lights back on. It's in dialog constantly, it's all the advertising, it's the picture of the lights going out in the title card. All about the blackout. What people have done since, and how to get back to what we were.

And again, it's NOT that it has to be plausible, don't care about that so much. It's just that it shouldn't be blatantly impossible/stupid.

Imagine that instead of a power blackout, they decided to make a show where there's no water left in the world (yeah, also dumb, but follow along). All the oceans, rivers, lakes, just disappeared. They explain nanites absorbed (not disappated or any other term) the water. The water has to GO somewhere, so they should get bigger, right? They're in the air, floating around, so it looks stupid when it rains, right? They're in your body, which is largely water, but no harm comes to you. NONE of that strikes you as kinda dumb?

Because that's exactly what they're telling us, just swap water for electricity.

If they weren't going to run it by someone who could have pointed them towards a less stupid explaination, I'd have prefered they just say "magic" or left it unexplained, because you can't argue against that.
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