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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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I think you are pretty generous if you are saying the Adam West show had good production values. Bad production values were part of the camp appeal of that show, there was a lot of paper mache on that show.
Incorrect across the board. Dozier's Batman was a very expensive series to produce, as an entire comic world had to be built with more than surplus computer consoles. Dozier (and ABC) wanted to take full advantage of the then-sales gimmick of color TV, while realizing that the only way to make the series appear to be a comic leaping out of the page was to spend money where it mattered.

From the hero (& villain) costumes, the gadgets, vehicles, and celebriity guest stars (who were not going to appear on some low rent series), the series was one of the most fully realized version of a comic ever produced, and to this day, few have come as close (in appearance) as this show to its era of comics.
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