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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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I've seen Ellison in person twice, and he's struck me as a straight-shooter.
I've seen him in person myself. He was very entertaining. Being blunt doesn't automatically equate to "straight-shooter," IMO.

Considering the fact that Ellison was always protective of his work ...
To varying degrees.

... the use of his real name on Star Trek is a bit odd, especially since he was vocally dissatisfied with the final episode.
Someone once said, "the best lies are the ones that are closest the truth." Now, I am not saying anyone here specifically lied, however, I do not believe, based on past accounts given, that Ellison was threatened by GR's "influence" or "reach" within the industry. Why would he flip him off at the WGA awards if he feared the wrath of Roddenberry? That makes no sense to me.

Now, if he said he feared Herb Solow then I'd buy it.

If he had said GR was livid and threatened to pound him into the dirt I'd believe it.

If he said that out of fear that this situation may have proved to be the "straw that broke the camel's back" in terms of finding future work in Hollywood then I'd buy that.

If he said, because of the building Trek mystique he feared fan backlash then I'd buy that too.

But Ellison tangled with others in tinsel town, what made Roddenberry so different?

Again, I think Harlan kept his name attached to Star Trek out of fear, but just not of the Great Bird.
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