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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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6x17-Disclosure: A dominated clip show that really reveals that Senator Kinsey is beginning a power play. He's moving from the appropriations committee to foreign ones. He assembles the diplomats from England, China, Russia and France together to spill the beans on the Stargate project. Kinsey turns the gathering into a private type hearing where he wants to discredit Hammond and remove him from the SGC and the other leaders need to see him as the powerful one making that move. Hammond has an ace in his sleeve and calls upon Thor to show up and seal the deal for the SGC.
For a clip show it actually moved the plot along from the Smoke&Mirrors episode. Curious where this Kinsey plot is going now.
Nit pick, it was the United Kingdom not England. There is a difference.

Still when SG-1 did clip shows at least they tried at times to advance some part of the shows mythology.
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