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^The comma is misleading. Those are two different shows being referenced in that sentence. Hurd's space opera is Clandestine.
Here is info on it:

After a clan of bandits are nearly destroyed and left for dead by Coalition forces, they take refuge in the nearest safe haven, a derelict Coalition starship floating in space. Once onboard, they masquerade as Coalition officers while continuing their criminal ways until they stumble upon a shocking realization about the true nature of the Coalition.


The first detective ever in space is tasked with investigating a murder on a starship headed to colonize another planet and instead becomes embroiled in a vast conspiracy involving a mysterious terrible crime dating back to the original launch of the ship 50 years ago.

Synopsis of 6 shows at the link.

Also the Starz alien planet-based scifi show "Incursion" major info here

'Incursion,' Starz's Sci-Fi War Drama, Will Have A Female Lead
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