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Re: Has star trek changed

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Why did it matter that they were older?
It doesn't and I didn't say it did.

Riker being red-faced and bloated speaks more to things other than age. Such as, perhaps, a fondness for distilled or fermented spirits, but definitely a lazy attitude regarding his big screen appearance.
Heck, Dorn was the same age as Frakes, but he had at least kept himself trim and slim and looking good (check out the Dodge Dart commercial he's in.) Stewart was also trimmer than Frakes. It seems that Frakes didn't care because it was his last acting role and he wanted to be a director more, so he didn't put any effort into his appearance (and this despite the type of food that they were serving for the cast that was low-fat since Insurrection, IIRC.) That makes Frakes appear to by very lazy in contrast to Ricardo Montelban when he played Khan (who had kept himself in shape and was able to lift Walter Koneing) or even Samuel Jackson in Avengers, who looks like a man that's been in the military for years and who maintained a great build as per regulations. All told, I liked the movie (and still do) but I can agree with what you've said here, Danger Ace.
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