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Re: Organia and the Prime Directive

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So, I'm going through the Original Series ( an episodea day) and today's episode is Errand of Mercy.

Before I pose my question I think we all should re-familiarize ourselves with the Prime Directive.:
General Order 1: When contacting a planet making normal progress toward a technological civilization, an officer of Star Fleet shall make no identification of self or mission; no interference with social development of said planet; no references to space, to other worlds or more advanced civilizations.

Now we all know that the Organians were far more advanced than anyone realized. Still, they presented a culture that was primitive.
And of course we realize that the Klingons would have gladly interferred with the planet's normal social development had they arrived first (or tried to anyway)
Still, Kirk and Spock appear openly in the middle of a "primitive" culture making references, not only to space and advanced civilizations but openly offering to actively advance said culture. Not only were the Organians visibly primitive (arrested in fact) but there was no way they were anywhere near any kind of interstellar travel.
As near as I understand the PD Enterprise should have done it's utmost in orbit to prevent the Klingons from being able to send a landing party to the surface. Without beaming down!
So, what's your question?
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