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Re: Ever like a show but...

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I could take everybody except "Whiny CryBuffy."
Buffy wasn't ANYWHERE nearly bad as Tom Welling playing Clark Kent on Smallville; at least, Buffy had a lot to deal with. Clark Kent couldn't have been as beset with being the Man of Steel as Buffy was being the Slayer at 16-21 to be as angsty as shown in Smallville, yet, there he was being Mr. Angst for ten seasons. That's why I never watched that POS show, and would rather see the Man Of Steel movie (or any of the animated DTV movies put out by Warner Premiere with Superman in it.)

propita wrote: View Post
I mean, I liked Friends, but the characters, for all that happened to them (marriages, divorces, etc), didn't change all that much. Monica wondered for years why guys she slept with on the first date weren't interested in a serious relationship. Ross and Rachel took how many years (?) to finally start addressing their feelings in a semi-mature manner. While it IS funny, it can get a bit boring.

BTW, I wrote a paper in college "Examination of the Narrative Structure of a Coming of Age Television Show," focusing on Joan of Arcadia and comparing it to both Wonder Years and Seventh Heaven. Got an "A,"
junxon wrote: View Post
actually the friends characters did change a bit: monica got derangedly obsessive compulsive, ross got patheticly useless, joey got even more stupid, pheobe got bitchier, though chandler stayed pretty much the same and rachel... uh, got straighter hair?
The better show about young professionals was not Friends but Living Single. Too bad it never really caught the public's attention like Friends did.

As for characters I hate that are the main star of the show, I'd have to go with the one and only Wily Gilligan from Gilligan's Island, and Dobie Gillis from The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis.

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