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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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sonak wrote:
Ras wanted to destroy Gotham BECAUSE IT WAS UTTERLY CORRUPT(and overrun by crime). By the time Bane came around, that was no longer the case. The city was largely "fixed" and was at peace
You're conflating two issues here. Endemic corruption and the level of violent crime are not the same thing. In fact, Ra's's little speech wasn't primarily about crime. There is some evidence in the film that Bane's group sees the inherent power structure of the city as corrupt even in so-called "peacetime".
What's evidence? The existence of that dumb caricature evil business mongrel, Dagget? I've re-watched Rises a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed not to the case. If anything the way they portrayed Gotham in Rises, seemed to indicate that it had become a radically different place then before(granted not a utopia). If there was such thing as Bane seeing the power structure of Gotham as corrupt then that fact should have been properly realized on screen; actually show/portray the corruption within the power structure. Give credence to the character's motives. Begins managed to that for Ra's, do did Dark Knight for Joker but Rises didn't for Bane.
But nope! The mission has no ideological purpose anymore, no real sense of warped, demented righteousness. Bane didn't attack Gotham for any that deep sociopolitical stuff--he did it because he was Talia's bitch. Nothing less, nothing more. Bane's was nothing but a pawn in Talia's juvenile, twisted revenge game.
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