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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Tuvix was a cad (a full blown Terry-Thomas cad). The situation gets re-scrambled in the later "Drone", when a transporter accident blends Seven's nanoprobes and the EMH's mobile emitter, with different results.
Yep, One was altruistic and willingly sacrificed himself to save others.

Tuvix was selfish and didn't.

But, still, selfishness is not a capital offense.
I would also point out that they or at least Seven was trying to talk One out of letting himself die even though him dying would have kept the Borg from continuing to come after them which kind of makes the Voyager crew come off as hypocritical jerks for the Tuvix thing.

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By the way, am I misremembering the first ep with the Phage aliens? Janeway could have returned Neelix's lungs but doing so would have killed the thieving aliens, so she chose not to?

Now *that* is hamfisted. Returning stolen property results in the deaths of the thief? Tough.
I'd forgotten that.

Yes. Janeway said then: "I don't have the freedom to kill you to save another. My culture finds that to be a reprehensible and entirely unacceptable act."
And then she turns around and does it to Tuvix, ah the Janeway inconsistence strikes again.
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