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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Well, after reading issue 4 I got mixed feelings on the series. It's better written than Countdown, but Countdown was better set-up for XI than this was for STID. What exactly did this set up for the movie?
There's some plausible speculation about that in the review thread in the Trek Literature forum. See particularly post #236. I haven't read the comic, just excerpts and spoiler discussions, but I think some things are being fairly clearly set up. Though naturally it'll be easier to see the connections after we've seen the film.

I don't think we should expect this comic to be a prelude in the exact same way that Countdown was, because it's not a lead-in to the exact same kind of story. The '09 movie's plot was driven by events that had happened in the 24th century "before" the events of the film. Therefore, it was simple enough for the preview comic to depict those events. Presumably the filmmakers aren't just copying the same formula -- there's no time travel this time, for one thing -- so naturally the nature of the prefacing work is going to be different, the lead-ins more subtle, perhaps.
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