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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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Networks were subject to Broadcast Standards and Practices and I've come to realize the "rape" aspect was just the writer's attempt to appease and avoid censorship of an interracial relationship. After all, these popular characters were not going against 60's societal norms, they were being forced against their own wills

Ergo, the "rape" responsibility was never theirs but their mind controllers
I stated that in my post. I said Kirk was just as much a victim as Uhura thereby placing the full responsibility on the Platonions.

And in skirting Standards & Practices those in-charge undermined their own efforts. "Free will" is everything in something like this and without it you cannot claim any social victory. Did african-americans sit at home and view that scene as a sign of social progress? Did african-american women? Did women in general? Whose cause was forwarded by that? It sure wasn't any civil-rights victory.

The meaning attached to the Kirk-Uhura kiss was always and will always be a sad grab for PR and contrived relevance. Which is shame because of all the other real contributions it gave us.

I mean: Uhura's presence was a positive for millions, no-doubt about that. As was George Takei's appearances. TOS championed a lot of progressive ideas, but let us be honest about it so as not to diminish them is my point.
IMHO, the best kiss was not that event, but the kiss in the 2009 movie between Uhura and Spock. Other better moments are the kiss between Odo & Kira, the emotional moment when Trip acknowledges that his beloved sister is dead on Enterprise, and a whole host of others I can't remember now. All of what I've mentioned are way, way better than some forced S&M game concocted by Meyer Dolinsky.

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