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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Did you try to figure out how the magic crystals in Star Trek known as "dilithium," made a star ship travel FTL - oh and sometimes they could be recharged even with the radiation from nuclear aircraft carriers?


How "dragon string," can make a magic wand more powerful
Nope! Because 1) no one specifically said "we promise that it will all make sense" or "we asked scientists and they said it was all totally possible, so don't worry guy" and 2) none of those things are the core essence of the show nor do they even pretend that they're based on real world science.

This show has had people say that (albeit paraphrased cause I can't be arsed to look up the exact quotes) and it is a core essence of a show trying desperately to ground itself on real world science.
Except the nanites aren't the core of this show either. The core of Revolution is the characters and the world that the existence of the nanites has put them in, not the nanites. They're just an excuse to put the characters in this situation, much like the transporter and warp drive were excuses for the characters to be able to get to the places where the interesting stuff happened in the Star Treks. I really don't really care if the nanites are plausible or not, all I care about is that we now have a reason for blackout. It's an action adventure show, if I wanted plausible science I'd watch a Discovery channel documentary (which I actually do a lot, and really enjoy).
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