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Re: Best Audio Book?

Yea, The Audios can certainly become an expensive habit, if you let it, especially with so much already released, LOL

I've got

The First 7 Unbound (are there more?)
The Colins I've recently reported buying (17, at the moment I believe - 14 Evelyns, both $1 Voyages and The Reaping)
Gallifrey S1 - S5 (And of course will leap on S6 when available)
6 of McGann (Including Shada, Neverland, Zagreus and then his first 3 with Charley)
Spare Parts

So, I've got a lot to acquire still, plus those Blake's 7 Audiios keep calling out to me. I would love some new B7 stories (Though probably won't be sparked to act until I do a rewatch of the Series)

Ooh, off BF to see if any of the early Charley/McGann are the 2003 and earlier $7.99 downloads, so I can plan for my next collection after Evelyn/Six is done (So a couple/few months in the future)

ETA: Cool 6 of the next 7 McGann/Charley are 2003 or earlier for $7.99. The other one of those 7 is Living Legend, which is a DWM Special, I assume I'll have to scrounge Ebay for that one, when I get there, as BF doesn't bring it up
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