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Re: Best Audio Book?

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I bought a few more Six/Evelyn Stories, so, sadly I'm going to have to pass on The Ice Warriors Stories, which is a bummer, I like the Onscreen appearances of them, and I see two of them are Peladon stories

Also, now that I am beyond 2003 on the Six/Evelyn stories, they have risen in price, Downloads were $7.99 each for 2003 and earlier release, but, 2004/2005 release are $11.99 and 2006 release was $12.99.
Price is a big issue for me. That's one reason I don't (currently) subscribe. I take advantage of the sales they run so often to fill in the gaps in my collection. For example, in the Ice Warriors sale they have running this weekend, they're including Mission to Magnus. That's one of the planned stories from the lost season, from when they put the series on hiatus before bringing it back with the Trial.

Those stories are all around $23. Well, the fiver sale makes it around $7 - and if you buy the CD, the download comes with it free. If I pick up 2 or 3 during that sale (I'm also looking at the Bride of Peladon story), shipping will be about three dollars, and it is a price I can justify.

For the most part, I am getting just the Sixth and Eighth Doctor stories. Nothing against Seven or Five, it's just, well, I'm not made of money.
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