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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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And note that he did say "Typhon Sector," not "Typhon Expanse." Maybe those are two different locations. After all, Typhon is a name from Greek mythology, and humans love drawing on classical mythology to name things in space. Heck, there's a real-life trans-Neptunian object by that name, 42355 Typhon, discovered in 2002. So the Typhon Sector could be much closer to Earth than the Typhon Expanse.
Oh didn't catch that so it may have been a different place.

Although it's still problematical if the movie is claiming that the Romulan Neutral Zone is mere hours from Earth, even at maximum warp for the E-E.
Not really let's not forget that Earth and Romulus have to be close enough so that their probably really slow ships that max out at warp 5 on the old scale (which 24th century ships can go considerably faster that) could reach each other in a considerably decent amount of time to fight the battles in the war between them.
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