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Re: The Reunion: Doctor Who on Radio 4

Did a quick bit of checking, and Hartnell's Desert Island Discs edition of Desert Island Discs was August 65, so he'll definitely have talked about Who. Jon Pertwee was the guest in October 64 (when he almost certainly didn't mention Who), and Ron Grainer on 25th November 1963, when I guess he might just have mentioned his most recent piece of work...
And, in related news, there was a news oddment yesterday that 67 missing episodes of DiD had been found. Don't get too excited, as the series has been running since 1942 and I think the archive is only complete since 1992, so there's a lot missing, but there's an outside chance that the Hartnell edition might be one of them (can't find a link that says what has been found).
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