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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

6x13-Sight Unseen: The mysterious artifact brought back that causes problems episode format again. Early on the episode offered an interesting duality. Taking Jonas at his word Hammond at least orders a battery of tests on him. After that, instead of realizing their medical tests aren't always right the ensuing doubt and reasons for possible delusion start. As far as this type show goes it was decent but mediocore series to date. I did like the line about the aliens being from Melmac and O'Neill acting like he'd never heard of A.L.F.

6x14-Smoke & Mirrors: Jack O'Neill murderer of Senator Kiney...seems so. Jack has been on one of his fishing trips, alone of course, and returns to the SGC to find everyone in hushed tones shocked that Kinsey has been assassinated. Hammond walks in with MP's and arrests Jack, begrudgingly. Shortly after Major Davis shows up with seemingly positive proof that Jack did this via video and recovered weapons.
So while Jack is in custody the SG-1 team is pulled off active duty in order to try and clear Jack's name. Their investigation leads them to the mimic devices from the alien foothold situation from a year or so ago. The devices create a holographic image of a person, and O'Neill had been one of these. Come to find out Kinsey isn't dead but in a coma and his people used this "death" as a means to an end. Once SG-1 saves the day and uncovers the traitors from within Kinsey swoops in claiming credit. Nice guy. Great episode.

6x15-Paradise Lost: Maybourne returns...on Jack's back porch having poached a hot dog off the grill!!! He says he's heard about Simmons and the stolen Prometheus. Says he knows what Simmons end game was and for a Presidential pardon he'll swap out. Seems Maybourne has an artifact that is used to power a one way gate on the world Simmons was headed. It allegedly sends you to a cache of weapons but as Maybourne knows(and Simmons didn't I guess) is that it's really some allegeded Gou'ald Paradise. Maybourne double crosses SG-1 but Jack manages to tackle him as they both fall into the portal. A rugalla(sp) type lettuce apparently causes paranoia but we don't find that out right away. Jack and Maybourne are stranded alone for over two weeks till finally a Tok'ra ship rescues them. A good episode in that it allowed for Jack and Harry to bury the hatchet. This episode felt like something of a send off for Maybourne. Off course he could come back from his Tok'ra island planet of exile I suppose if a story dictated it but I like this closure for him if it is that.

6x16-Metamorphosis: Nirrti, that psychopath Gou'ald mad scientist is back. Jack let her go and look what she's done, as expected, began experimenting on people. Nirrti has been manipulating a humanoid/humanesque race at the DNA level again. This has caused horrid mutations in them. Jack makes a few Superman cracks that are funny. SG-1 feels of course responsible and tries to save them but Nirrti has them fooled. They turn over SG-1 to her. Which at this point the director frames what has to be a top 10 opening shot in the series to date: Are you trying to seduce me Mrs.Nirrti? With the inhabitants new mutated powers they finally see into Nirrit's mind and release SG-1 and the main leader snaps Nirrti's neck....damn. Sometimes I think they kill too many Gou'ald. Seems that a few only get 2-4 appearances before they die and only Apophis gets to live on. Liked this episode but for Nirrti's death.

6x17-Disclosure: A dominated clip show that really reveals that Senator Kinsey is beginning a power play. He's moving from the appropriations committee to foreign ones. He assembles the diplomats from England, China, Russia and France together to spill the beans on the Stargate project. Kinsey turns the gathering into a private type hearing where he wants to discredit Hammond and remove him from the SGC and the other leaders need to see him as the powerful one making that move. Hammond has an ace in his sleeve and calls upon Thor to show up and seal the deal for the SGC.
For a clip show it actually moved the plot along from the Smoke&Mirrors episode. Curious where this Kinsey plot is going now.
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