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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I wikipedia-ed the guy who played Tuvix and he is from the same town I work in currently.
He did play the scene of the morbid victim here to perfection... the scene were he was begging for his life, trying to find someone to support him... and no one would was just plain tragic. Good work in the sense of setting a depressing scene.
He did do a good job. You feel his pain in the scene and you almost don't know what Janeway is going to do.

I kind of felt cheated that they never brought him up again. She could have suffered some guilt or something.

But even though Tuvix was gone and I felt his pain...once I saw Tuvok and Neelix transform back to their normal selves and Tuvix was just gone...I felt relief too. It was a weird emotion watching it for the first time.
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